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FLAMENCO TRAVEL is the trademark of the travel agency Viajes y Servicios Turísticos Flamenco S.A.C. not only for the Peruvian market. (RUC Nº 20450681963). Its goal is to make Peru and other places in South America accessible to all visitors by offering competitive offers to major travel agencies. We offer our competitive advantage by doing our business directly from the center of the former capital of Incas, Cusco, without intermediaries. This is reflected in the quality and cost of the program. We communicate with customers in the following languages: Spanish, English, German, Czech and Slovak.


In all areas, we work with the utmost professionalism and competition that requires tourism.


We are official holders of a state license for INKA TREK (Inka Trail / Camino Inca).


The company was founded in 2000 with the intention of:

  • provide the quality service to Peru's visitors and make their trip to Peru unforgettable and inspiring to further visits

  • to prepare programs in accordance with maximum customer satisfaction while respecting the fragile connection with the living and social environment in the visited places

  • with its activities, support the development of local communities in the form of social projects that we present to you in the SOCIAL PROJECTS offer, which you can also be part of:




Therefore, to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we prepare programs tailored to both groups and individuals. When we jointly define your goals and expectations, we will take care of all the details of your journey (logistics, boarding, accommodation, etc.) so that your journey is unforgettable and inspiring to further returns to Peru or other places in South America. Our agency cooperates with professional guides with lifelong learning in the field of tourism and language training. We have modern minibuses to keep you comfortable. We cooperate with the best hotels and restaurants all over Peru. 

In the field of tourist services, we focuse on:

  • tailor-made packages -  for classic travelers visiting places of interest Peru - menu PACKAGES

  • adventure tours - for those who want to experience something more adventurous than visiting traditional places - menu ADVENTURE

  • individual programs- for those interested in individual itinerary according to their time schedules and other requirements - we build these programs based on the individual wishes of clients from the​ TRADITIONAL and ADVENTURE offers, or as a combinaton of them

  • destinations outside Peru - we draw up these programs in detail on the basis of the individual wishes of our clients and our recommendations.


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