Approximately 7 km northwest of Maras is located Moray, a unique archaeological site in the region. These are the geological structures - pits / depressions that incas used to build circular agricultural terraces and water canals to irrigate them.


Experts' greatest attention raises the temperature difference between the average temperatures between the top and bottom of the terraces. This difference is up to 15 ° C in the main depression where the depth reaches up to 30 meters. The nature created such conditions in these geological formations, which the modern man achieves only in greenhouses.


Moray, due to its climatic conditions, was an important center of domestication, acclimatization and crossing of wild plant species that were adapted for human consumption. It is actually a greenhouse prototype or an experimental station where up to 60% of the crops that today's modern man consumes, de facto, were grown and inherited from his ancestors. They are mainly: about 1500 varieties of potatoes, about 150 kinds of corn and other nutritionally rich crops.

Still, this place is covered by many mysteries that even modern science has failed to consecrate. Although these are the Inca building structures, scientists argue that at least the lowest terraces were the constructions of previous cultures. Another mystery is drainage of the terraces. It is assumed that there are underground channels designed for this purpose. However, there is also the opinion that the porous structure of the rock allows for smooth precipitation. Also interesting is the fact that during the rainy season there is no flood in these terraces.



Note: The visit to Moray is combined with a visit to the Salt Mines in Maras due to its proximity.


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9.00h - 14.30h (5.5hrs) - with the visit to the Salt Mines in Maras


  • picku-up at the hotel

  • transfers

  • professional guide

Not Included:

  • meals​​

  • 10 Soles - ticket to the Salt Mines in Maras

  • tourist ticket (Boleto Turístico General/Parcial )​


  • Tourist ticket (Boleto Turítico General/Parcial):

  •   70.00 Soles - Validity 10 days - Children 10 - 17/Students up to 25 years with the ISIC card 

  • 130.00 Soles ​- Validity 10 days - General admission

  •   70.00 Soles - Validity 1 day - Circuit: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara, Tambomachay

  •   70.00 Soles - Validity 2 days - Circuit: Qoricancha, Regional Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Monument            Pachacuteq, Tipon, Piquillacta

  •   70.00 Soles - Validity 2 days - Circuit: Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Chinchero, Moray

Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel
Moray | Cuzco | Peru Travel